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Complete Sky Ski Hydrofoils


Launch "Soft Tail" with B39 Polished Billet Foil Assembly

The Launch offers a 39" strut. That means big air! Like the LE, the foil assembly is billet construction. However, to keep the cost down, the strut is "extruded", then welded together with the fuselage.

The Launch comes standard with a "Soft Tail" seat tower. The Soft Tail is cross between the standard Rock Tower and a Shock Tower. There are two seat plates stacked, with a hinge on the front, and two compression bushings on the rear corners. This allows for roughly an inch of travel. The benefit is a stiffer, lighter ride, with some cost savings.

*The Launch comes standard with a Soft Tail Tower. It can also be ordered with a Rock Tower, Shock Tower or LE Shock Tower.