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Complete Sky Ski Hydrofoils
   Pro S/T
   Jr. Hydroflite

   Pro-Tec Ace Wake

Ropes & Handles
   Spectra Rope
   15" Accurate Rubber Grip

Dry Suits

Ratchets & Knobs

Belt Extenders

Midwest Hydrofoil Shirts

Misc. Parts


Ratchets & Knobs

Custom Ratchets

Pimp your ride with custom colored ratchets.

Grey - $15.00
Color - $20.00
Chrome - $25.00

Technopolymer Plastic Knobs

These knobs make it possible to assemble/disassemble your ski without the need for wrenches. They are also ideal for removing the through bolt.

The special type of technopolymer used and matte finish make this knob soft to the touch. The operator obtains a strong clamping action without any discomfort due to it's ergonomic design: 5 lobes, blended radius and well proportioned rim height assure a strong, solid and comfortable grip.

The key is the rim height. This allows you to get your fist around the knob and keep it from spinning while you crank on the ratchet.

One for the through bolt: $10.00
Set of three: $25.00